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Assignment 3-Mashups!

The next assignment is a group project that involves taking two randomly assigned APIs and creating an interesting visualization by combining data from both. Here are the assignments: Alex & Kenny: Google Maps + Chris & Liz: Facebook + … Continue reading

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Your First API Assignment: The Times Newswire

Our first full data visualization project will be an attempt get everyone familiar with the joys and frustrations of using data APIs. The quality/documentation for different APIs varies from “Wow this is so clear and well documented” to “I can’t … Continue reading

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ProtoVis is an awesome resource for both quick prototypes of visualizations (please don’t use for actual projects…this class is all about creating custom visualizations from the ground up…) as well as getting a quick overview of almost every popular data … Continue reading

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In Class Example: Simple Clock

Today we went over the basics of mapping data from one range to another and using this information to create a visualization. We also touched upon the use of drawing matrices (pushMatrix() & popMatrix()) as well as sine/cosine and their … Continue reading

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Kepler Exoplanet Canidates

This is a really interesting 3D visualization by Jer Thorp (blprnt) ▶ Vimeo – Kepler Exoplanet Canidates on Boing Boing

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Typfaces of the World

This is a beautiful poster showing typfaces of the last century and where they came from:

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Data Types Assignment

Different types of data require vastly different solutions for creating meaningful visualizations. This assignment will get in-depth with the following types of data: – Week 1 unstructured text (Alex & Ishi) – Week 1 geographic data (Tiffany & Andres) – … Continue reading

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Clock Assignment

Your first visualization assignment is one of the oldest forms known to man: the clock. At it’s core a clock is a visualization of a constant data set (time) on varying scales (milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc). Your task … Continue reading

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The Sound of the Subway

This is a beautiful visualization and sonification of the movements of the NYC subway: ▶ Vimeo – Video on Vimeo

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Week 1 Recap and Homework

Today we had class introductions and created some low-fi data visualizations using markers and paper. This was a good exercise to get things going and everyone did a great job finding similar personal data sets and mapping them out. Homework … Continue reading

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