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Final – Global Billboard

The final version of “Global Billboard” is up at A mashup of google maps and the, Global Billboard lists top artists and tracks on the for each country, and many metro areas throughout the world. Furthermore, it … Continue reading

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Current web address: There are still a lot of bugs… but basically, it works!

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New York Times Congress API

Some stills from my data visualization from the Congress API. It was sooooo much data, and hard to organize… I played with the data a bunch, but wasn’t able to find interesting patterns in the timeframe of the assignment…. Still, … Continue reading

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Barcode Clock

My clock is a barcode, with 1010101 tags on either end, and separating deciseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours. It runs slower in the JavaScript version, so you don’t quite see them flying by. They do occasionally flash on the screen… … Continue reading

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X and Y coordinates from sine and cosine

x = sin(angle) * clockRadius y = cos(angle) * clockRadius Trig tutorial:

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Telling time—watches and clocks—initial sketches

A great website for inspiration (they have some really funky, fun watches): A great page for really nerdy clocks (I *love* these, by the way): Also, a couple of nice screensaver digital clocks: And a fun page … Continue reading

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Assignment 1: Inspirations

Dynamic: Recently I have been in love with Google Maps 5.0 for Android. This latest version finally does what I’ve always thought a mobile app ought to do. It allows the user to tilt and rotate the map, which makes … Continue reading

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