visualizing time

I started out thinking of a sine wave to visualize time since sine waves equate to circles and hence a traditional clock. I also really liked a lot of the Nooka visualizations but I thought some of them were hard to read. I really like the uniqlo world clock.

I sketched out a pie chart type circle with the fill corresponding to the hours and a little circle around the outside corresponding to minutes. I thought of simple squares filling up to measure time. Most of the other ideas were similar so I decided to play around with a bit of code.

I came up with a simple visualization which tells time by hovering over the circles. The background, if possible, would be a time lapse video of the sky showing the current weather etc. sort of like this video I’ve of snow falling from the sky. Here’s what I have so far…check it out! The circles move horizontally. The largest circle is hours, the middle for minutes and the smallest for seconds. It’s easiest to see movement right now through the seconds circle.

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