I Want You to Want Me

I saw this data visualization / interface at the Moma a few months ago. It picks up data from online dating sites and builds a beautiful, interactive piece by visualizing the data using balloons. It’s highly interactive and fun to play with on the large screen that it’s displayed in the museum…definitely go take a look!

I Want You to Want Me

I Want You To Want Me chronicles the world’s long-term relationship with romance, across all ages, genders, and sexualities, gathering new data from a variety of online dating sites every few hours. The system searches these sites for certain phrases, which it then collects and stores in a database. These phrases, taken out of context, provide partial glimpses into people’s private lives. Simultaneously, the system forms an evolving zeitgeist of dating, tracking the most popular first dates, turn-ons, desires, self-descriptions and interests.


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