Final – Global Billboard

The final version of “Global Billboard” is up at A mashup of google maps and the, Global Billboard lists top artists and tracks on the for each country, and many metro areas throughout the world. Furthermore, it charts comparative popularity of the top artists and tracks in each country, in the google maps info windows as you view the site.

As you click through the site, you can open up past windows to compare one country to or metro area to another. As two people who did their first coding less than a year ago, this project was ENORMOUS, but we’re really proud of the result.

ALSO—for anyone who needs to style html select lists, we discovered a great library in the past week that does an awesome job with styling them, and is really easy to implement. It is simpler and more flexible than the auto-scrolling work-around that we were working with, in previous iterations. You can find it at:

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