The size of Federal Debt by Nigel holmes

Nigel Holmes does a lot of info graphics for journalism, helping to explain some issues that some people sometimes have a hard time to understand. What I like in his graphics is the use of perspective, to compare and make some data understandable by people who see it.

The Feltron Annual Report by Nicholas Felton

The most interesting thing in this example is that the content is not interesting for me at all, but even though I want to see it. Every year Nicholas Felton makes a report with facts about his life in that specific year, this topic is not relevant for almost anyone, however the design is great capturing our attention. I think it also show some potential for projects, considering that now we are capturing a lot of our daily life facts through digital tools, try to create a framework for people design their own annual reports could be an interesting project.


The Crisis of Credit Visualized by Jonathan Jarvis

I thought this example was cool because it makes really easy to understand a complex subject. Also it shows how motion graphics can also facilitate and give new opportunities for data visualization because with it, the designer can guide the viewer trough the process, add sounds and movement to it.


We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar (same guys that did I Want you to want me)

This is one of my favorite projects, it get’s phrases with the word “feel” and create a visualization of how people are feeling (or at least posting). I love the idea of making data more human and the execution is also perfect.

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