Data Types Assignment

Different types of data require vastly different solutions for creating meaningful visualizations. This assignment will get in-depth with the following types of data:

– Week 1 unstructured text (Alex & Ishi)
– Week 1 geographic data (Tiffany & Andres)
– Week 2 personal experience / data (Chris & Francisco)
– Week 2 relationships (between ideas, people, organizations, etc.) (Liz and Kenny)
– Week 3 photographs and imagery (Ricardo & Caroline)
– Week 3 events over time / time-based information (Ryan, Lauren & Nidhi)

Each group (chosen in class) will present their findings on their assigned date. The requirements for each presentation are as follows:

– What does the data look like generally?
– What kinds of stories are likely to surface from this kind of data?
– What are the biggest design challenges in visually representing this kind of data?
– What types of visualization methods are most frequently used? How are these methods more appropriate to the type of data?*
– Give 2 examples of data visualization projects that use this kind of data set. Do you think they are successful or unsuccessful? Why? What do they do well? Where do they fail? What could be done to improve them?

* Some types of visualization methods to consider when researching are listed below.

– bar graphs, histograms, sparklines
– pie charts
– scatterplots
– network diagrams
– stack graphs and area graphs
– geographic maps and cartograms
– bubble graphs
– treemaps
– tag clouds
– timelines
– radar graphs
– concept maps
– Chernoff faces

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