Sweet, Sweet Inspiration

Statically inspiring from my idol over at xkcd.com:

I totally respect the dude over at xkcd.com—he is always able to combine unbelievable nerdiness and accuracy with really funny (albeit still nerdy) humor. This comic has an impressively detailed Lord of the Rings narrative chart that tracks the movements of all the characters in the trilogy, (very much like Tufte’s favorite troop movements mapping), as well as a few other movies (some actually having to do with the movie, some just jokes). But jokes aside the Lord of the Rings one is both pretty amazingly complete and fun to weave your way through.

Click on image to see the detailed [read: GIGANTIC] version

Dynamically Inspiring from InformationIsBeautiful:

This visualization BLOWS MY MIND. I’m really into natural supplements and holistic healing, so know really more than I should about all sorts of weird vitamins and homeopathic “cures” for various ailments. (That’s what you get when you combine a hypochondriac with a San Franciscan whole/natural foods enthusiast.) Basically it’s a large collection of the various supplements that are being touted as either miracle cures or just things you should take because they’re good for various parts of your body/system, placed in order of legitimacy—the higher the bubble, the more scientific evidence there is supporting its claims of effectiveness. The size of the bubbles correspond to their “popularity” (i.e. amount of hits on google) and the bubbles that are rust colored signify that not much research has been done on that particular supplement but that the results have been promising so far. Plus each bubble is also labeled with what the supplement is allegedly good for.

I should never have been shown this.

Data Visualization

Just for fun:

Demetri Martin is a stand-up comedian who generally has a certain amount of data visualization worked into his routines (go figure). This is a nine minute or so clip of him doing what he does best—you obviously don’t have to watch the whole thing (he strays a bit from the data stuff by the end) but there are some real gems in there.


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