Stephen Varga
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Course Requirements

This class requires intermediate experience with a programming language that can load data and create visuals. Popular examples are Actionscript 3, Javascript, Processing and openFrameworks. Students should feel comfortable loading data (XML or JSON) into the language of their choice and creating basic graphics.

Class Rules


Attendance is, of course, mandatory. Show up to class. If you are sick or an emergency comes up please have the courtesy to let me know in advance (email is fine) so that the class can begin on time.

Class attendance is a large part of your class participation grade. This grade is based on the amount that you contribute to the class during discussions and presentations. If you are not in class you are obviously not participating. The participation grade is a small part of your overall grade, but in many cases it may be the difference between a higher or lower grade.


All work should be original, and all precedents or inspiring works should be noted as such during presentations. This applies to creative concepts, technical code, and final products.


Grade Scale Descriptions

A = Work of exceptional quality.
A- = Work of high quality.
B+ = Work of high quality, higher than average abilities.
B = Very good work that satisfies goals of course.
B- = Good work.
C+ = Average work, understanding of course material.
C = Adequate work; passable
C- = Passing work but below good academic standing.
D = Below average work; does not fully understand the assignments.
F = Failure, no credit

How grading is calculated:

Class Participation/Readings/ In-Class Assignments: 20%
Project One: 20%
Mid-term: 20%
Final Project: 40%

Class Schedule

Week 1 January 28th

-Discuss Syllabus
-In-Class Exercise

-Examples of Data Vis/Inspiration.

Week 2 February 4th

-Present Inspirations
-Basic Examples
-Assign Reports
-Mini Project #1

-Work on Mini Project #1
-Group Reports

Week 3 February 11th

-Group Presentations 1 & 2
-Present Mini Project #1
-Mini Project #2

-Work on Mini Project #2
-Group Reports

Week 4 February 18th

-Group Presentations 3 & 4
-Work in Class on Mini Project #2

Homework Concepts/Sketches

Week 5 February 26th

-Group Presentations 5 & 6
-Present Mini Project #2
-Second Project

-Work on Second Project

Week 6 March 4th

-Work on Second Project

-Work on Second Project

Week 7 March 11th

-Work on Second Project

-Work on Second Project

Spring Break
Week 8 March 25th

-Present Second Projects
-Assign Final Project

-Work on Final Project Concepts

Week 9 April 1st

-Individual Meetings/Project Ideas
-Work on Final Project

Final Projects

Week 10 April 8th

Present Final Project Ideas

Final Projects

Week 11 April 15th

Work on Final Projects

Final Projects

Week 12 April 22nd

Work on Final Projects

Final Projects

Week 13 April 29th

Work on Final Projects

Final Projects

Week 14 May 6th

Final Projects Due/Present in Class

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