Final Projects

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Please post you final projects here with a brief description and video documentation.

Thanks to everyone for working so hard this semester, it has been great to see you all work hard and progress. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects!

Twitter/Processing Code

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Here are the files from last class that demonstrate how to connect to an API (Twitter in this case) and get basic information from it.

For more information see the Twitter dev  docs at


Homework Week 7

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Your homework for this week is to come up with an idea for a 4-week project that uses code. Try to think of something that is fun and/or interesting to you, and don’t be afraid to do something you aren’t familiar with. After this small project is complete, you will have the option to continue it for the final project, so while you should keep the scope small at this point don’t be afraid to think bigger.

The project can be done in Processing, openFrameworks or Arduino. Other languages may be acceptable but will need to be approved. You also might consider mixing hardware (Arduino) with Processing or openFrameworks…

What I want to see from each person in class next week:


-List of things you’ll need to learn/libraries you’ll need to use/etc

-Inspiration/Precedence for the project (minimum 2)

-Very rough 4 week schedule

To get some ideas, please look at Vimeo, your classmates work, and the multitude of libraries available. Don’t worry too much about the technical right now, just think of something you’d love to make happen.

Looking forward to getting everyone going next Thursday, please come to class prepared!


Final Monsters!

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Please put your final monster/creature here when it is finished. If you make any other changes to it later in the semester please update the code that you are linking to. Can’t wait to see them all complete and together!