Week 5, Inspiration

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Everyone post one link here (preferably a video or live demo) that shows a code project that you really like. Processing/openFrameworks are ideal but not necessary…flash or other stuff is fine if it is purely code based. Be prepared to give a small background on the work and the developer/artist/designer/etc that made it.

We’ll talk in class about each project and think about how they were made, hopefully this will give everyone inspiration and ideas for how they can incorporate code into their projects.

Check the links that were posted before yours to make sure no one else posted what you have found!

Week 4, Object Oriented Programming

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This week we went over a lot, so try to look at the examples and play around with them before moving onto your assignment. I also recommend looking at Chapter 5 of the Programming interactivity book for a general overview of everything we went over in class. The section on OOP starts on page 129.


Homework Assignment

This weeks homework assignment will be similar to last week, but with a concentration on using objects. The requirements are:

-A minimum of 25 objects, which are stored in an array

-Different behaviors for the objects based on input (mouse position, mouse press/release, key presses, etc)

-All drawing of your object (ellipse(), rect(), etc, any call that directly draws to the screen) should be within your object

-All objects should not look the same, they can be similar but think about how you can use properties (variables) within the class to make them unique. Experiment with RGB, alpha, size, position, etc.


-Use fonts or images instead of drawing shapes

-Create an object that contains a number of other objects, ie: a CircleGroup class that contains man Circle objects…

Try to think about what you want to do BEFORE you start to program and think about how it would make sense logically. It may be best to work with your classmates/ask questions of each other. As usual I am always available for help through email, but please have a specific question and code that shows you have tried to make things work.

Thanks and see you in class Thursday!

Week 3 Class Examples and Homework

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Here are the class files that we created in class. Please check them out, play around with them and make sure you have a basic understanding of the concepts. We went over a lot of stuff in the first class, so feel free to send me an email if you are not quite understanding something or need some advice on where to learn more.

Someone brought up in class the fact that there are better books that concentrate on Processing in detail, and that these may be better for some students at this point. I can recommend the official Processing book by Casey Reas and Ben Fry as well as Daniel Shiffman’s book. If you really feel like you are not comfortable with the processing environment or just want to get into some advanced topics you should definitely look into these books.



For homework I’d like to continue along the mini-assignment format and have you apply the new concepts that we learned in class.

Please create a sketch that has a minimum of 100 items, all of which are stored in an array. Create a boolean that can be turned off and on using the keyboard and have all or some of the items in the array change based on the value of the boolean. Also use the mouse as input, so that when the mouse is pressed the items appear or act one way, and when the mouse is released they act another way.

Bonus: Use timing (either framerate or millis()) to change the appearance of the items over time.

The emphasis should be on creating well written code and understanding the concepts. The visuals can be as simple or complex as you would like. If you feel comfortable with everything we’ve gone over there is a lot of room for creativity within this assignment, so go crazy. If you really are still struggling with the concepts just create something simple and make sure it works.

As always if you have any questions email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Class Time

As I said on Thursday I have no problem with starting class at 3:15 so get some food, take your time coming to class and be ready to work when you get there.