Week 5 Class Files and Homework

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Here are the files for the OOP examples we went through again during class, please add these to the existing files from last week so that you have a lot of examples of simple objects and how to use them.


Your homework is to go back over your homework from last week and make it better. If you had problems last week, fix them. If you didn’t, expand upon last week’s homework and make it awesome! Think about how you can create different types of objects, try to make them work together, and take it further.

Also, try to make your homework have some sort of logical meaning or concept. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering but it would be good to have some basic explanation for what inspired you to make what you did. If you aren’t feeling very inspired, look to the real world (nature is great) and try to emulate something that exists physically.

As usual, email me with any questions/concerns and I’ll do my best to help you on your way.

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    Simulates the way that city lights look through an out of focus camera. Press the mouse button for rush hour!

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    Here’s the corrected link for mine:

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